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Clinical Care Pathways for the Management of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia’s

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Dementia Treatment caretaker with patient

Delays in the diagnosis of dementia are still common

The assessment and management of people affected by dementia can seem complex. Communicating the diagnosis with patients, care givers and other health professional is essential for establishing connections with programs, services along with long term planning.

PC DATA: Tools, resources and support for health professionals

The PC DATA e-learnings are accredited, 15-20 minutes modules that support clinical decision making. Along with the Care Pathways, care providers will also learn how to refer to programs like First Link and gain access to other tools and resources to aid in conversations with patients and care givers.


The PC DATA  Self Learning Modules are certified by the College of Family Physicians for up to 1 Main Pro Plus Credit each.

Evidence BasedEvidence Based

The PC DATA  Clinical Care Pathways are based on recommended best practices in dementia care as outlined in the Canadian Consensus Conference Guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of Dementia.

Light BulbDecision Supports

The PC DATA algorithms support the management of patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia’s.

Tools and ResourcesTools and Resources

The PC DATA website offers primary care providers access to valuable tools and resources required for the delivery of better care.