Continuing Medical Education for

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

Brief Program Description

PC DATA (Primary Care Dementia Assessment & Treatment Algorithm) is a set of clinical tools and algorithms designed to help family physicians and primary care healthcare providers to understand and apply best practices in dementia care as outlined in the Canadian Consensus Conference Guidelines, on the diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia.

The algorithms and tools were developed through a grant provided to the PCDATA team through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Feedback from the original PCDATA project has lead to the creation of this web-based educational platform to provide access to the PCDATA content to all primary care providers.

This project was developed with support from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and Alzheimer Society of Ontario. These Self-Learning programs have been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for up to 1 Mainpro+ credits.

Learning Outcomes

Review the Canadian Consensus Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia.


Understand the process of dementia guideline adaptation and implementation for primary care setting in Canada.


Learn practical approaches to the assessment and care of individuals with dementia and their caregivers in primary care settings.


Module 1

Assessment of Cognition & Diagnosis of Dementia

  • Review the risk factors and possible presentations of dementia in older adults.
  • Understand the recommended processes for family physicians to follow in the evaluation of individuals with suspected dementia.
  • Distinguish between dementia and other conditions which may present with cognitive changes in older adults.
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Module 2

Initial Management of Dementia

  • Develop and approach to the disclosure of a diagnosis of dementia.
  • Understand the nonpharmacological management of early dementia including care partner supports.
  • Review the indications and potential side effects of medications approved for dementia (cholinesterase inhibitors, memantine).
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